Ep. 107 Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowlorama.jpg

This week we cannon balled into the deep end of the slimy cesspool of a movie called "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama". An 80's movie that features sorority babes, a magical and middle racist imp, and bowling, because you know those go together so well. Let's not forget the top-notch Oscar worthy writing and the girl who spends nearly the entire movie naked.

Ep. 104 Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre w/ guest Renee Reed

This week we're chumming the waters, baiting our hooks and fishing up a shitty shark movie. We watched "Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre". This movie has it all, scantily clad prison babes, prehistoric mutant sharks, an abundance of fake toy guns, useless detectives, and two aging porn stars. Don't miss this episode, we laughed so hard we were in tears and stitches.

Bonus: Eamon Hardiman & Missy Dawn Interview

Check out our interview with Eamon Hardimon, the writer/director of the "Porkchop" series and the spin-off "Pig Girl", and Missy Dawn, who starred in and produced many of the "Porkchop" movies along with "Pig Girl". Listen in as we talk all things "Porkchop", what its like on the horror convention circuit, drinking, how they get girls to show their tits in their movies, and more. This was a seriously fun interview with two awesome and down to earth indie movie makers.

Bonus: A Look Back

In this bonus episode Marshall and Aaron are joined by guests "Coffee" Doug Jones, and Chris & Sarah Samples as they take a look back and reflect on their first 100 episodes. Listen in on this round table gab fest as they discuss their favorite and most hated movies that have been featured on the show, along with sharing never before told stories and secrets of the show. Grab a beer, raise it high and join us as we toast 100 episodes.

Ep. 100 NOES 5: The Dream Child part 1

Here it is our 100th EPISODE! To celebrate we went big by tackling "A Nightmare on Elm St. 5: The Dream Child". Listen in on our no holds barred, no punches pulled review of the fifth and shittiest installment of the beloved franchise. We are joined by a Horrible Horror all-star guest panel of Chris and Sarah Samples, and "Coffee" Doug Jones. We had so much to say about this insanely ridiculous movie that we had to split the episode into two parts. So, make sure you don't miss out on part 2.

Ep. 93 Pro-Wrestlers vs Zombies

Hooo! When you take a bunch of aging, past their prime, and retired wrestlers and pit them against a horde of poorly done zombies you get the beautiful disaster that is "Pro-Wrestlers vs Zombies". So lace up your boots, climb to the top turnbuckle and elbow drop this royal zombie rumble. What'cha gonna do when "Pro-Wrestlers vs Zombies" runs wild on you, brother! Ohhh Yeeeaahh! Dig it!

Ep. 92 Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind

Hope you're hungry for seconds, because we're serving up a steaming pile of "Porkchops", also know as "Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind". This sequel to the ultra indie "Porkchop" has everything you want in a sequel, double the boobs, double the bodycount and double the pig masks. However, it also has all the stuff you don't, like bad writing, horrible acting, plot holes and non-sense. Oh, did I mention the musical number?

Ep. 91 Porkchop

Pork, the other white meat; but watch out, this pork chop, chops back! This week we carve up the super indie horror movie "Porkchop". A film about a killer hillbilly in a pig mask that murders teenagers that are practically devoid of any personality. Oh, and we can't forget the Adman Sandler like shit jokes, and the robot that looks like it was made out of a bucket and cardboard.