The Horrible Horror Podcast Hall of Fame



Ron Jeremy


The Hedgehog himself, was the clear cut choice to be our first inductee into our Hall of Fame. Mr, Jeremy has appeared in more movies featured on HHP then any other actor. His first appearance was  way back on episode 2 "The Wickeds". Notable movies: "Bloody Bloody Bible Camp", "Night of the Dead, Friday the 13th", "Bloody Mary 3D"


Shawn C. Philips

Second only to Ron Jeremy, in appearances on HHP is actor Shawn C. Philips, making him an easy selection into the actors wing of our Hall of Fame. Notable movies include "Bloody Mary 3D", "Camp Massacre", "Jersey Shore Massacre", "Porkchop 3D" 

Linnea Quigley.jpg

Linnea Quigley

Miss. Quigley was inducted into the Horrible Horror Hall of Fame as part of the second class of inductees in 2018. She was an unanimous selection based on the sheer amount of times her movies found their way on to the show. Of her 150 acting credits, 7 of of them have been featured on the Horrible Horror Podcast (as of the time of her induction). With no signs of slowing down we fully expect to see Linnea Quigley's movies continue to be featured on the podcast for a long time to come.

Featured Episodes:Ep.17 Graduation Day, Ep.25 Night of the Demons (remake), EP.36 Silent Night, Deadly Night, Ep.64 Tourist Trap, Ep.107 Sorority Babe in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Ep.110 Creepozoids, Ep 119 Lake Fear 2




David S. Sterling


David S. Sterling is the man behind some of the worst movies ever featured on HHP as a producer . So, naturally that made him an unanimous choice to be the first inductee into the directors & producers wing of our Hall of Fame. Notable films include: "Bloody Mary 3D", "Night of the Dead", "Alice in Murderland"

Eamon Hardimon

Eamon Hardimon's selection as the first director to be inductee was an easy choice. The hard part was  figuring out how to classify him, since Eamon writes, directs, produces, and even acts in his movies. Eamon is the mastermind behind the entire "Porkchop" series along with its spin-off "Pig Girl". Its been well documented that the "Porkchop" series was the first time on HHP that an entire series/franchise was featured, which each installment getting its own episode.


David DeCoteau


Mr.DeCoteau was in inducted into the HHP Hall of Fame as part of the 2018 class, the second over-all class of inductees. He was inducted based on his contributions as a director to the world of horrible horror movies and we here at HHP fully expect to see his name many more times. Featured Films: Ep. 88 Sorority Slaugherhouse, Ep: 107 Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Ep. 110 Creepozoids

Lloyd Kaufman.jpg

Lloyd Kaufman

What horrible horror movie hall of fame would be complete without Mr. Troma himself, Lloyd Kaufman? None would. From acting, to directing and producing his contributions to world of indie horror covers the full spectrum. Mr. Kaufman was an unanimous selection into the 2018 class of the HHP Hall of Fame. Featured films: Ep22 Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned, Ep31 Poultrygeist, Ep54 Mother's Day, Ep118 Killer Rack


Production Companies

Full Moon

As a production company Full Moon, has produced several movies that have been featured on HHP. Whether for the good or bad, Full Moon movies have never failed to provide us with great material to sink our teeth into. Notable movies: "Gingerdead Man", "Evil Bong", "Killjoy", "Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt"