Ep.166: Slumber Party Massacre 2

Slumber Party Massacre 2.jpg

This week we’re going slumming with “Slumber Party Massacre 2”, a sequel so bad that its nearly unfathomable. A horror movie that is more musical and product placement commercial than an actual horror movie. It features loads of terrible music, a leather clad guitar drill welding greaser killer, and more dream sequences than a “Nightmare on Elm St.” movie and “Inception” combined. In the end it left us thinking what the hell did we just watch and more importantly just…why?

Ep.165: Blood Hook

Blood Hook.jpg

This week we’re going on a little fishing trip, we’re baiting our hooks and fishing up “Blood Hook”. This obscure mid-80’s horror movie is certainly one of a kind, in that it may be the only fishing themed slasher movie ever made. This unique Troma distributed movie features lots of fishing, muskies, giant killer fishing lures, angry cicadas, music theory, and insane rants. However its not all bad, it also has surprisingly good acting, the world’s worst expertise obsessed mother, and an ending sequence that is just pure insane ridiculousness.

Ep.164: The Last Slumber Party

Last Slumber Party.jpg

This week we’re slipping into our PJs, popping some popcorn, calling over all our girlfriends, and pillow fighting with “The Last Slumber Party”. This 1988 straight to video slasher just may be the worst movie ever made and nearly broke Marshall. This fascinatingly terrible movie features an entire cast that seems to be doped up on Xanax, horrendously bad to nonexistent blood effects, atrocious and robotic acting and writing, and a killer that defies all the laws of science and nature and always seems to look like he just snorted a line of meth. If you think you can handle this monstrosity think again, you are not prepared.

Ep.163: Prom Night 2, Hello Mary Lou

Prom Night 2.jpg

It’s Prom season again, so that means we’re dressing to the nines, renting a limo and saving the last dance for “Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night 2”. This 1987 sequel about the revenge seeking killer spirit of a dead Prom Queen is one part “Carrie” one part “Nightmare on Elm Street” with a pinch of “The Exorcist”. This surprisingly fun film features awesome special effects, great kills, mundane items that explode, and the world’s worst school principal. A whoop bop a lou bop, a whoop bam boom!

Ep.162: Bunni


This week we’re going back to our roots with the indie-licious “Bunni”. This ultra indie slasher from 2013 is a crazy mixed bag of a movie. It features all the usual suspects of a terrible movie: bad writing, horrible acting, one dimensional characters, and a shoe string budget. However, it also has some really good things going for it too. “Bunni” has some really good kills, a unique killer, solid practical effects and a smoking hot leading lady. In the end this movie left us teetering like a see-saw between its terribleness and its moments of sheer greatness and when the dust settled this film left us feeling split.

Ep.161: Bunny the Killer Thing


Happy Easter, Moongoons and nothing says Easter like a giant man-rabbit mutant hybrid that rapes and kills everyone he sees. You read that right. This week’s movie “Bunny the Killer Thing” comes to us all the way from the great white north of Finland and is one of the craziest and most offensive yet incredibly fun movies we’ve ever seen. This indie movie or “Findie” features unique and awesome kills, great gore and practical effects, dark humor, and just pure absurdity. So you better hare-y up and catch this episode before it hops away.

Ep. 159 See No Evil 2

See No Evil 2.jpg

It’s Wrestlemania time once again and the Big Red Monster is back for a rematch. This week we’re choke slamming the Devil’s Favorite Demon back to hell as we take on “See No Evil 2” in a no holds barred, last man standing bloody beat down. This 2014 slasher stars WWE Superstar Kane and horror icon Danielle Harris and features the world’s emptiest hospital, horrible irresponsible medical practices, and incredibly disappointing kills.

Ep.158 Amok Train

Amok Train.jpg

All aboard Moon Goons and get ready for one hell of a ride. This week we’re taking a ride on the “Amok Train”. This late 80’s horror movie is a crazy off the rails movie watching experience. This insane movie features rock clacking occultists, decapitations, and a magical mystery possessed train. It also has surprisingly good kills and gore effects, however it seems that the actors missed their train to acting school. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this off the rails episode and remember that Amok just don’t give a fuck.

Ep. 157 Terror at Blood Fart Lake

Terror at Blood Fart Lake.jpg

Skeet, skeet, skeet, looks like rain! Holy flatulent cow Moongoons! This week’s listener suggested movie is nearly beyond words. “Terror at Blood Fart Lake”, has all the usual suspects of a horrible ultra-low budget horror movie. Featuring over the top acting, one dimensional characters that are more like caricatures, shoddy special effects that are amateurish at best, and a nearly nonexistent production value makes this film seem doomed. However, if you dig a little deeper you'll find incredibly committed actors that when paired with some of the most outlandish, creative, and original wiring we’re ever seen in a movie of this quality you have yourself a surprisingly fun and humous movie. Not to mention the unforgettable and show stealing characters Leo DeChampa and Caspian, who have become two of our newest favorite characters ever.

Ep. 156 Leprechaun Returns

Leprechaun Returns.jpg

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day we’re going back to the well and doing a leprechaun movie. This year’s offering is “Leprechaun Returns”. We didn’t have high hopes for this SyFy Original movie, but they must have captured some of that Luck of the Irish, because it turned out to be surprisingly good. Featuring good writing, solid acting, great naturally flowing and subtle humor, and awesome kills that we’ve never seen before made this horror movie worth its weight in gold.

Ep. 155 Old 37

Old 37.jpg

If you like excessive slow motion and flashbacks then you’re going to love this week’s listener suggested car wreck of a movie, “Old 37”. IF you didn’t know any better you’d swear that “Old 37” was a MTV produced teenaged soap opera loosely disguised as horror movie about two killer paramedics. Even horror icons Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley can’t resuscitate this dead on arrival turd of a movie.

Ep. 154 Island of Blood

Island of Blood.jpg

This week we’re inviting you to join us on a little island vacation get away as we visit the “Island of Blood”. This little 1982 slasher features all the trademarks of a horrible horror movie, bad writing, stiff acting, possible the worst sex scene ever put on film, and terrible to nonexistent lighting. It also stars a mew-wave punk song that gets more screen time then most of the starring actors, the song starts of catchy but by the end of the movie it will make you want stab yourself in your ears with a screwdriver. However, it’s not all bad though, this movie does have surprisingly good kills and decent gore for a film of its caliber.

Bonus: Bracketology 2018/2019

Hey Moongoons, its that time of year again. Its time for Horrible Horror’s March Movie Madness Tournament of Awfulness! In this bonus episode the guys sit down and fill out this year’s bracket and break down each match up. Along the way Marshall and Aaron both make their picks on which movie they think will win it al and be crowned this year’s WOSRT of the WORST Champion! We also announce a new fun contest Challenge.

Ep. 153 Cryptz


Do you like cheap ghetto rip offs of “From Dusk Till Dawn” filled with horrible acting neck snapping and breaking, over the top cursing and an even cheaper Chris Tucker rip off? We then we’ve got the movie for you! This week we delved into the 2002 Full Moon release that is “Cryptz”. This grade A dog turd also features the world’s most fragile voodoo vampires, a ghetto Van Helloing that is also a voodoo expert AND kung-fu master, and the world’s worst stripper.