Ep. 114 Red Christmas


Christmas is quickly approaching and nothing says Christmas joy more then an aborted fetus that returns to seek bloody revenge on the family that didn't want him. So, sit back, kick up your feet by the fire with a nice cup of eggnog and enjoy "Red Christmas". A movie featuring an insanely dysfunctional family, an alien, complete non-sense when it come to logic and stars Dee Wallace.

Ep. 113 Krampus: The Christmas Devil

Krampus the Christmas Devil.jpg

The holiday season is here again and that means its time for Horrible Horror to unwrap some more shitty Christmas horror movies. Up first is the indie film "Krampus: The Christmas Devil" a horrific excuse for a movie that plays out more like a really bad and boring episode of Law & Order:SVU then an actual Christmas horror movie. Trust when we say that you would rather get a stocking filled with reindeer poop then watch this movie.

Ep. 112 The Suckling

The Suckling.jpg

You know you're in for a bumpy ride when the word "suck" is in the title of the movie. This week we took on "The Suckling", filled with prostitutes, toxic waste, and a blood thirsty mutated fetus. Yes, you read that right. Featuring horrible people, god awful acting, and atrocious special effects and sound, this abortion of a movie will make you want to rip your eyes out with a wire coat hanger.

Ep. 111 Night of Something Strange

Night of Something Strange.jpg

Holy crap Moongoons, hang on to your butts, shit is about to get weird! This week's movie left us saying "WTF did I just watch?". If a zombie movie got repeatedly raped by all 8 "American Pie" moives, this film would be the messed up offspring of that f'ed up union. Filled with over the top gore, kills, and some of the craziest things we have ever seen in  a movie, and that doesn't even take into account the talking vagina. Earth just Googled crazy fucking movie, and this came up number 1.

Bonus: George P. Wilbur Interview


Holy shit Moongoons, we hit the jackpot! The man behind the mask, Mr. Michael Myers, the legend himself George P. Wilbur sits down with us. We talk about his time and experiences as the iconic Michael Myers, along with the rest of his illustrious stunt career. Find out what some of his favorite scenes and kills are, and listen in as Marshall fan boys out and losses nearly all of his "Halloween" cred.

Bonus: Naomi Grossman Interview


Check out our interview with Naomi Grossman, from Con-tamination. Naomi starred as Pepper on the hit show "American Horror Story". She was nice enough to sit down with us and talk about her time as Pepper, along with going to high school in Argentina, her one woman shows, and even her brief time as a translator on the Sy-Fy show "Destination Truth". We had a lot of fun during this interview and Naomi was super cool and fun to talk to.

Bonus: Glenn Ennis Interview

Glenn Ennis.jpg

Ki ki ki ma ma ma. Jason is here! We sat down with actor/stuntman Glenn Ennis, the man behind the mask in 'Freddy vs Jason". Jason Voorhees is not the only iconic character Glenn as had the fortune of playing. He is also the Mighty Colossus in "Deadpool", the savage bear in the "The Revenant", Hooded Justice in "The Watchmen" and has done stunt work and/or various roles in "Warcraft", "Man of Steel", "Arrow", and "X-Men 2".

Ep. 107 Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowlorama.jpg

This week we cannon balled into the deep end of the slimy cesspool of a movie called "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama". An 80's movie that features sorority babes, a magical and middle racist imp, and bowling, because you know those go together so well. Let's not forget the top-notch Oscar worthy writing and the girl who spends nearly the entire movie naked.

Ep. 104 Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre w/ guest Renee Reed

This week we're chumming the waters, baiting our hooks and fishing up a shitty shark movie. We watched "Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre". This movie has it all, scantily clad prison babes, prehistoric mutant sharks, an abundance of fake toy guns, useless detectives, and two aging porn stars. Don't miss this episode, we laughed so hard we were in tears and stitches.

Bonus: Eamon Hardiman & Missy Dawn Interview

Check out our interview with Eamon Hardimon, the writer/director of the "Porkchop" series and the spin-off "Pig Girl", and Missy Dawn, who starred in and produced many of the "Porkchop" movies along with "Pig Girl". Listen in as we talk all things "Porkchop", what its like on the horror convention circuit, drinking, how they get girls to show their tits in their movies, and more. This was a seriously fun interview with two awesome and down to earth indie movie makers.